Auto MP3 Player

Auto MP3 Player 1.26

Starts up your computer automatically to play music
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A mini MP3 player that can control automatically your computer startup and turn off. Besides, providing basic mp3 player features it can serve you as an alarm. Simply set the time to wake your computer up and the mp3 file to play. You can also set the time to turn off your PC, or it can be turned off automatically after the file playback.

Auto MP3 Player is an easy to use application that will allows your computer auto wakes up from sleep mode to play MP3 music and auto closes. This program is a nice mini MP3 player, it can control your computer auto wake up and turn off, make your computer become advanced and intelligent music clock. This program starts along with a windows services, it doesn't require a user to be logged on.
* A nice mini MP3 player
* Auto wake up the computer to play MP3
* Allows the music volume perform fade in effect
* Auto closes the computer (Trun off/ Hibernate/Standby)
* Doesn't require a user to be logged on

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